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Fostering excellence in patient transport and courier services for mental healthcare.

At CES, we are committed to providing transportation assistance with a focus on safety and compassionate care. Our highly trained and dedicated team is here to ensure that every individual requiring urgent transportation receives the necessary attention safely and promptly.

About Us

Community Emergency Services Inc. is a service for the movement and care of people with mental health illness. Providing a professional, reliable and compassionate service managing vulnerable and challenging behavior safely with dignity and respect. Our mental health transport teams are highly trained, dedicated crews with specialty vehicles to ensure a safe, comfortable and timely transfer of service users.

CES dedicated mental health transport teams are able to provide transport to and from low, medium or high secure facilities, emergency departments, police stations or for any prison and court requirements.

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Secure, Compassionate Transport

We maintain a fleet of vehicles specifically for Behavioral Health Transport. Our vehicles undergo routine maintenance, and all technicians are certified in Mental Health First Aid, CPR, and have received sensitivity training specific to the transfer of 201/302 patients.

Operating across the Philadelphia region coordinating the transport teams is our Operations Center which provides 24/7 support to our clients and transport teams.

Technicians are certified in Mental Health First Aid, CPR and have received deescalation and sensitivity training.

Safety and transparency are two critical pieces to our technology commitment. We utilize computer aided dispatch, electronic records, and in vehicle camera systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 201 is that part of the Act relating to voluntary consent for a psychiatric examination and treatment. Anyone 14 years of age or older can consent to inpatient treatment. Admission is based on the determination of a psychiatrist that this level of care is needed.

Section 302 is the part of the Act relating to treatment without consent for observed behavior constituting a clear and present danger to the individual and/or others. The behavior must have occurred in the past 30 days. Under Section 302(a) any responsible party can petition for an involuntary evaluation by stating that an individual may be severely mentally disabled.

If you are unsure of which level or care to be provided, please contact our Operations Center to schedule your transportation request. One of our dispatchers will be able to assist you in determining the appropriate level.

We work with both insurance companies as well as healthcare facilities directly. Insurance companies will typically cover BLS Ambulance service, though some require an authorization. The RIV and Transport Vans are typically billed to a facility.


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